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This is where your space becomes a canvas for design. Welcome to LaVie Group.

We believe in capturing your lifestyle within your home, meaning that interior design becomes a collaboration of form and function, expression and experience.

LaVie Group is all about this eloquent design combination, as well as ensuring a dedication to the process and the people involved. We are collaborators first and foremost. This means that your project is just that, yours, and our team works to bring your vision to life. Whether you are a team of builders preparing a display home for a specific buyer segment, or you are looking to refresh your home with a particular aesthetic in mind – LaVie Group creates innovative and captivating designs that execute your brief. Our collaborative ethos also works to encompass three business streams within this industry we are so passionate about: LaVie Interiors, LaVie Windows Couture, and LaVie @ Home.

our story

LaVie Group has a story that crosses countries, cultures, decades, and disciplines. And what it all boils down to is collective creativity. As Dorothy Parker said, “creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.”

Our story is centered on bringing this inspiration (mind) and its vision (eye) together. What began as a partnership between two passionate designers in South Africa, developed, over nine years, into the collective design agency now known as LaVie Group. Opening its doors in 2005 with three complementing service divisions - LaVie Interiors, LaVie Windows Couture, and LaVie @ Home - LaVie Group has collected an impressive portfolio of executive homes, high-end urban apartments, commercial projects, display homes, and new school buildings. Our team has forged a reputation based on creating spaces which execute a client’s creative brief within specified budgets and timeframes. The LaVie Group story continues to be a journey – A journey towards its next project, its next flutter of inspiration, its next zealous client, and its next reveal.

the lavie team

Individually led by passion. Collectively led by results.

Our team at LaVie Group has joined together with our clients at the heart of everything we do.

Beginning as a boutique duo of passionate designers abroad, LaVie Group was re-established in Perth in 2005. LaVie’s Founder and Principal Designer, Kim Robertson, spent time honing her skills in Perth’s specialty design industry before the ‘05 opening which, to date, sees a team of eight internal staff members working together on inspiring and creative interior projects.


As the founder of LaVie Group, Kim has a very unique bond to the company and each client. Coupling her business and entrepreneurial skills with a deep passion for design, you could say that Kim is the yin and yang of LaVie Group. Working very closely with a team of talented interior designers, design managers, and retail consultants – Raquel Walker, Hanna Kozak, Katerina Villanueva, Christine Delpech, and Matilda Fry - LaVie Group is all about a collaborative design approach.


Managing Director, Charles Robertson, Operations Manager, Nic Robertson, and Marketing Manager, Tahlia Kossen, work side-by-side to bring detailed communications and nuanced systems to the table. As a group, LaVie have a formidable approach to design, one that centers on trust, collaboration, and a flow of creativity. Everyone has something vital to add to each project.


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