Timeless creativity realised via the canvas of spatial interiors. It’s our passion to enhance a space and bring your unique style to life. Welcome to LaVie Interiors.

It all starts with a brief as we collaborate throughout the process of your interior design project. Whether it’s your home, investment property, office, commercial space, or perhaps you are working for your own client as an executive home builder, display home builder, or commercial developer; we work with innovative design solutions that always impress.


This innovation doesn’t just mean creative innovation, we extend our skills to important project management tasks that ensure each project is completed on time and on budget. Sometimes our clients say it better than we ever could: “Each space is distinctive and unique, done to our total satisfaction”.


From that first pop of champagne on your new block of land, all the way through to the house warming party, we work together as your house becomes a home (or as your office becomes a second home).


Our interior designers will guide you through the possibilities of your project, from interior styling and design, to renovating and building. We will advise you on time frames, budgets, recommend trades and builders, briefing you on what to expect during the process. This attention to detail at the beginning of any project is fundamental to success.



The creation of your design brief and design documents (style concept, drawings, 3Ds, working drawings) is a process that requires open communication and clarification between designer and client. Together we reach the final approved concept that you are proud of.



With the concepts approved, it’s now time to source the products, materials, and finishings that will bring your aesthetic to life. We balance the movement of fabrics, lines, and shapes against opposing structures. We consider textures and colour palettes while creating harmony in each space. The head designer will lead this process, working with necessary trades and builders. This cohesive team ensures that the buying, storing, and installation of stage three runs smoothly.



This is where all the hard work pays off and we guide you on a walk-through of your newly created spaces. While you are involved during the whole process, and would have seen the home/office many times already, this is where it all comes together. Accompanied by your builder, this is the handover stage where we refine all finishes, place the furniture, and finalise any superficial styling.

Operating from our design studio in Myaree Perth, with a retail showroom in Alfred Cove, we are ready to discuss your next project. One extra tip from our team of interior designers …

We encourage you to collect inspirational images, fabrics, and paint samples for the spaces we are creating. This enables us to define your brief and understand your style and unique vision. Supply any plans or photos of your home or site too so that we can use them to draw, plan, and photoshop our ideas.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, patterns, and textures in your space. The best designs come from the unexpected.

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